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Dell is extremely responsive. Buyers go on Dell’s Web site and design their own computer. They give their payment authorization, which means that Dell receives the money in advance and can use the funds to pay for the supplies needed to build the computer. Because its computers are built to order, Dell carries an industry leading four days of inventory. It takes delivery of components just minutes before they are needed. At its Austin, Texas, factories, a Dell system can in some cases is built, have the software installed, be tested, and be packed in eight hours. Dell’s costs are lower, allowing it to price its computers lower than competitors’ prices if it wishes.

Yet speed is only one part of the Dell equation. Service is the other. In fact, it was through veering away from its successful business model that Dell discovered the importance of customer service. In 1993, the company began trying to sell to retailers, mainly because everyone else was. Customers were disgruntled because of poor retail service. Dell ultimately abandoned the retail channel.
Corporate customers make up about 80 percent of Dell’s business, and the company manages its corporate accounts with a top-notch sales team. Dell also installs custom software and keeps track of business customers’ inventory for them. Through the use of premier Dell.com, customized customer Web pages at the Dell site, the company has created a 24-hour order-entry system. Big customers can click on the site to see all kinds of information about their preferences and needs. The site can be accessed worldwide by any company subsidiary and employees, not just purchasing agents, can use the Premier Dell.com to purchase computers according to an automated policy, “And a fabulous way for us to interact with our customers.”
Marketing is typically seen as the task of creating, promoting, and delivering goods and services to consumers and businesses.
Customer satisfaction is feeling of pleasure or disappointments resulting from comparing a product’s perceive performance with expectation.
Customer delivered value

                        Total customer value                                       total customer cost
                        Product value                                                  monetary cost
                        Service value                                                   time cost
                        Personal value                                                 energy cost
                        Image value                                                     psychic cost

Dell.com make customer satisfaction because the customer can design their own computer that their want. And customer buy and order easily because only go on Dell’s Web site and customer directly to order. Customer didn’t must use many time and much energy to go shop, to bargain. The customer can order 24-hours with go on Dell’s Website.
We know that marketing is typically seen as the task of creating, promoting, and delivering goods and service to consumers and businesses. Dell Company makes a customer satisfaction and good marketing for their company. Because to introduce and sell their product, Dell didn’t have pay much money to advertisement their product. Many people know Dell from mouth to mouth. Like someone buys Dell laptop so she/he tell to her/his friends about Dell, then his/her friend become interested to try buys a Dell product with go on Dell website. Dell company more effectively and efficiently. Without many advertisements, without retailer Dell can sell many their product and didn’t have pay advertisement and Dell can make their customer satisfaction to their product and services.

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